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How to Spice Up Your Kitchen for Less Than $1,000

How to Spice Up Your Kitchen for Less Than $1,000

Freshening up the kitchen is one of the best ways to add value to your home without emptying your bank account. Here are some of the quickest and most affordable upgrades.



Depending on the size of your kitchen, it’s possible to install a new backsplash for less than $1,000. To keep costs down, go with a simple design, like subway tiles, which can cost around $1-$2 per square foot.


Cabinet Fronts

If your cabinets have taken a beating through constant use or have an outdated color, give them a modernized look by either refacing or painting them. Choose colors that match your overall décor yet create appropriate contrast, such as white, off white, slate gray or black.



Replacing the kitchen hardware can have a big impact on an outmoded kitchen. Consider replacing cabinet pulls, paper towel holders, hand towel bars and soap dispensers. Make sure all your hardware is coordinated in material or color, properly installed, and functional. Keep with clean and simple designs and stay away from anything too unique or decorative.


New Flooring

Your kitchen sees a lot of foot traffic, which can wear down its floors. Renovate an outdated or worn floor with a cost-effective replacement such as cork or vinyl tiles, or laminate flooring. Depending on the size of your kitchen and quality of materials, you can complete this upgrade for less than $1,000.



Although you wouldn’t be able to replace all your appliances for under $1,000, there may be one you can replace to give you kitchen a boost. When considering which appliance to replace, focus on the following appliances that are:

  • Broken or have lost functionality, i.e., buttons not working, lights don’t turn on, etc.
  • Mismatched in color from your other appliances
  • The oldest
  • Most visible


New Paint

Between exploding soda bottles, flying spaghetti sauce and grease splatters, kitchen walls can become dingy and dirty quickly. Give your kitchen a fresh, clean look with a new paint job. Choose warm neutral colors that will showcase your cabinets and countertops and provide an inviting appearance to your kitchen.



Lighting can provide a much-needed contemporary touch to your kitchen. Not only do you want to consider replacing current light fixtures, you’ll also want to review the layout of your kitchen for possible other areas that could use a touch of light. Think about pendant lights over your sink or island, under-mount lights underneath your upper cabinets, and a showpiece light in the middle of the kitchen. 


New Faucet

The faucet is an oft-used focal point in your kitchen and will show off your modern taste. Look at the various options between elegant swan necks and commercial pull faucets and choose what will work with your décor.


Accessories can quickly refine your kitchen and provide much needed color or contrast. Consider updating the following items:

  • Dish towels
  • Cooking utensil holders
  • Dish racks and/or sponge holders
  • Paper towel holders
  • Containers for coffee, pasta, flour or other dry goods
  • Spice and oil dispensers
  • Plants
  • Wall Art


Now you have some ideas on how to update your kitchen, and add value to your home, on a budget. Need help with these or other home improvement projects? Contact us!