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Exterior Renovations with the Best ROI in 2022

Exterior Renovations with the Best ROI in 2022

Time to give your home’s exterior a facelift? Here are the upgrades that give you the best return on investment according to Remodeling Magazine.

Garage Door Clean-Up or Replacement | 93% ROI

Garage doors take up a lot a real estate on your home’s exterior. Therefore, improvements made here tend to make a big impact. Consider these quick fixes:  

  • Power wash mold and dirt off garage doors
  • Eliminate weeds, vines growing in front of or around the garage doors
  • Replace exterior garage door lights

And, if your doors are dented, old, or broken, consider replacing them. You’ll all-but get your money back when you sell.


Stone Veneer Accents | 91.4%

Modern, luxurious, and sturdy, stone accents tend to resonate with buyers when it’s time to sell, making them a solid upgrade. Here’s where stone veneer is typically applied:

  • Columns
  • Front door entranceway
  • Around the garage
  • Upper story gables or jetties
  • Entire front façade

Clean or Replace Your Siding | 68% ROI

Siding protects your home and owns a lot of its aesthetic real estate. Pressure washing it twice a year will keep your home looking fresh and new.

There are, however, some things water can’t fix. Think about replacing your siding if:

  • Power washing no longer cleans the siding
  • Siding is dented or falling off
  • Siding is an out of date or faded color
  • Siding matches your neighbors house or other homes on your block

Replace Windows | 67% ROI

New windows offer form and function: they look great and often make your home more energy efficient (which can save you money). Consider these tips when shopping for new windows:

  • Built in grids
  • Ease of cleaning and low maintenance
  • Efficiency ratings
  • Impact resistance
  • Warranties
  • Overall aesthetics

It goes without saying that replacing your home’s windows is not cheap. Get your windows evaluated by an expert to make sure this upgrade is worthwhile.  Our vetted Orlando window companies and Tampa window companies can help you upgrade to hurricane impact windows, which can have an even higher ROI.

Entranceway Update | 60% ROI

A warm and inviting entranceway sets the tone for your home, which is why upgrades here tend to pay off. Here are some quick, high-return wins:

  • Replace the front door, doorbell, and lighting
  • Add stone veneer to columns 
  • Build a gable roof over the front door
  • Add a porch
  • Create or replace the walkway with stone and add lighting
  • Add tidy planting beds, manicured shrubs or potted plants

Add a Deck | 64% ROI

Adding a deck to your exterior adds another level of enjoyment to your home and is a huge draw for potential buyers. Think about these tips when planning for your deck:

  • Wood decks bring a slightly higher ROI than composite
  • Match your home’s design and aesthetics
  • Plan for built-in benches, storage and planters
  • Make multiple ways to step out to the yard
  • Add built-in lighting along stairs and banisters
  • Consider an awning, pergola, or roof for your deck
  • Create a privacy screen with wood or vegetation

Replace the Roof | 59% ROI

A new roof is not a small investment, but worthwhile if it’s old, leaking, or otherwise in poor condition.

And because the cost is significant, buyers love a newer roof they won’t have to replace. You can expect to recoup 59% of your costs when you sell; you’ll likely recoup more in terms of energy efficiency and water damage mitigations.


Need help with exterior repairs and renovations? Contact us today for a free estimate.  We vet the best local remodeling companies so homeowners can skip the stress of hiring a contractor!