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Pet-Friendly Plants for Your Outdoor Garden

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Pet-Friendly Plants for Your Outdoor Garden

Are you looking to revive a struggling garden? One of the best ways to restore the lost sparkle is to add some lush and colorful plants and flowers. But choosing plants isn’t always a straightforward decision for pet owners. If your playful best friend has the habit of chewing on anything it can sink its teeth into, you need to select pet-friendly plants.

Basically, a pet-friendly garden has plants, herbs, shrubs, and flowers that are safe for dogs and cats. Therefore, you never have to worry about your pet getting sick from munching a leaf, stem, or root. To make it easier for you, we’ve done the researching and uncovered 9 plants that will add instant beauty to your backyard without posing a threat to your furry sidekick.


Classic and charming, you can never go wrong with roses. These sweet-scented crowd-pleasers come in more shapes, colors, and sizes than you can imagine. So you can always find a species that matches your landscape. More importantly, they are perfectly safe for dogs to nibble on—except for the thorny parts, of course. Plus, they make for fantastic backgrounds for your pet portraits.


Daylilies are some of the easiest perennials to grow. They are tolerant of drought and flooding, unaffected by hot weather, and thrive in most soils and light. Even chickens and geese won’t manage to kill them. You’ll also find them in a dazzling variety of colors, from the common yellow shade to red, orange, purple, and pink. These flowers are also classified as non-toxic to pets.


Garden marigolds are dependable bloomers that will add a spark of bright color to any landscape without hurting your pets. Beauty aside, they keep your plants free from harmful pests and attract bees. So, scatter them around your fruit trees, veggie beds, and herbs to keep your plants healthy. They also germinate quickly, sprouting within a few days and blooming in about two months.


Pansies are hardy plants that you can plant in the fall, and they’ll continue to grow and bloom all winter and into spring. These vibrant flowers are not only pet-friendly, but they’re apparently also tasty. They come in a rainbow of colors, including red, orange, blue, and purple, so there’s something to please everyone. Note that heat causes pansies to become leggy and stop blooming, that’s why they only do well in the milder months.


Camellia is a glossy evergreen cherished for the beauty of its magnificent blooms. It will keep your garden lively in winter and early spring, when little else is happening. With so many varieties to pick from, you can expect a beautiful display in your garden. It’s reassuring to know that all parts of the plant are harmless to pets if ingested.


Chamomile is a daisy-like plant commonly used for herbal teas. It’s also beneficial for your tail-wagging friend. Some vets recommend it to treat inflamed skin, calm stomach upsets, and protect against parasites. Apart from its health benefits, it makes a fragrant perennial groundcover. Grow it along a flagstone walkway because it will creep between the stones and chock weeds.


Sunflowers are the epitome of summer. This gorgeous, drought-tolerant plant has cheerful yellow blossoms that bloom in deep summer and fall. It requires minimal maintenance, yet it will keep the blooms coming and attract butterflies and birds. If you have a furry baby that loves to explore the back garden, you can rest assured sunflowers pose no risk to their wellbeing.


Palm trees are often thought of as beach or tropic trees. But they can also find a home in your backyard no matter where you live. With their varied palette of intriguing silhouettes, heights, and colors, palms will bring sheer elegance to your garden. Just make sure you go for a miniature species that won’t overgrow. Some of the safest palms for your pet include Parlor palm, bamboo palm, Areca palm, and ponytail palm.


Jasmine is a showy plant prized for its beautiful white flowers and intoxicating fragrance. Its rich scents are used in expensive perfumes and flavored teas. The small, numerous blossoms are also a welcome sight in the garden. Even better, it won’t trigger anything more than a mild stomach upset in your four-legged friend if it decides to snack on a leaf or two.

Use Pet-Friendly Plants to Revive Your Tired Garden

Does your garden look dull and monotonous? There are plenty of plants you can introduce to add stunning colors, interesting shapes, and delightful scents. If you’re a pet parent, we understand your concerns, that’s why we have put together this list of plants that are beautiful to behold and non-threatening to your furry buddy. Use it as inspiration to revive your outdoor space.

If you need help selecting and growing cat and dog-friendly plants, give us a call, and we will help you turn your gardening project into a stunning success.