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High-Impact Bathroom Upgrades That Cost Less Than $1,000

High-Impact Bathroom Upgrades That Cost Less Than $1,000

Remodeling your bathrooms makes a huge impact both on your home’s aesthetic appeal and value. In fact, investments in bathroom upgrades can yield returns north of 60%! 

Here are some inexpensive updates that add serious style and value. 


A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for any space — especially your bathroom, where paint can become raggedy with constant moisture and normal wear and tear.

Pick neutral colors if you are aiming for a spa ambiance, choose bright shades for a refreshing spring atmosphere, or darker hues if want a luxurious feeling. Paint will usually cost on average between $25 and $60 a gallon, and you will need primer and color. 

Due to the small size of most bathrooms, a fresh paint job is often quick and cheap.


Accent Wall

Looking to add refinement to your restroom? Add an accent wall!

Accent walls give an additional architectural touch to a bathroom. Choose a wall with a smaller span from edge to edge, often seen around the toilet area or vanity area. There are lots of ways to create a thrifty accent wall. For example, consider shiplap boards painted in white or contrasting color for a rustic feel, or bead board for a subtle accent. This can run you between $8 and $10 a piece depending on the type you get, and whether it comes pre-primed. 

Another popular option is peel and stick wallpaper which can introduce a pattern or design, without making a permanent commitment like traditional wallpaper. Peel and stick wallpapers come in faux finishes like shiplap, brick or stone, as well as a variety of designs from neutral to eccentric. Rolls of peel and stick wallpaper range from $30 to $90 depending on the design.  


Where fresh paint and new accent walls are instantly noticeable, hardware updates tend to be more subtle. But, they’re essential to completing the modern look. 

Consider replacing cabinet pulls, light fixtures, mirrors, toilet paper holders, soap holders, towel bars and shower curtain rods. Survey the room and see if you could add some features like additional bathrobe or towel hooks, additional lighting over the toilet or shower area, or tasteful shelves. 

The important part is to make sure all your hardware is coordinated in material or color, and properly installed. Hardware can range from fifty cents for a cabinet pull to hundreds of dollars for lighting and mirrors. Choose a look and your budget, and plan accordingly.



Replacing a tired tile or linoleum floor is often economical. 

When considering a new style, look at some of the modern options such as wood-like tile, different-shaped tiles such as rectangles or octagons, or tiles that contain designs.

Don’t know what pattern to go with? Defaulting to “simple and clean” is always a winning strategy.

New Vanity

Vanities are a focal point in a bathroom and drive the overall feel of the room. If your vanity is not in bad shape and can get by with a simple refresh of paint, door pulls and a new faucet, you may be in luck. However, if your vanity has seen better days, consider buying a new one. Now more than ever, it is extremely easy to buy a prefabricated vanity complete with sink and countertop for under $1000 with smaller footprints getting as low as $150. 

Choose a vanity that will give your bathroom a fresh and modern look while providing functionality. The key is to not overdo it. Make sure the vanity is the appropriate size for the space —not too large and cumbersome, but not too small and insignificant. 


Don’t underestimate how much accessories can modernize your bathroom. 

New towels, shower curtain, waste baskets, countertop dispensers, bathmats, prints, sculptures, candles, plants — all of these small items add up to a big aesthetic impact.

These items can be sourced cheaply through big box stores or websites. Make a list, set a budget, and get shopping!

Now that you have some ideas on how to update your bathrooms on a budget, take some time to assess your bathrooms, determine what updates will yield the greatest impact, and make quick improvements that add value — without breaking the bank.  To find the best local bathroom remodelers near you, sign up with PunchList today!