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How to Enjoy Your Outdoor Space All Year Long

How to Enjoy Your Outdoor Space All Year Long

To many homeowners, the end of summer marks the final days of enjoying backyard barbecue parties, casual get-togethers, and even porch time with family. But that shouldn’t be the case. Outdoor living should extend beyond the warmer months. 

Whether you have a big backyard or only a pint-sized patio, there are plenty of ways you can transform your outdoor living space into a relaxing retreat to enjoy all year round.

Adopt these ideas to make your outdoor space as alluring and warm in the cold as it was all summer.

Create Cozy Warmth With a Fire

Cooler weather doesn’t mean you have to spend all your time holed up indoors, gazing longingly at the backyard. Adding a heat source near outdoor sitting areas is an easy way to extend your time spent outdoors.

Incorporating a fire pit into your outdoor space will not only keep your family warm in the cold months, but give everyone a reason to get outside and gather around. You can go for a permanent or portable option, or a gas or wood-burning option.

Light Up Your Outdoor Space

To create ambiance and boost the mood of your outdoor space after the sun sets, add lighting. The right lighting can make even the simplest outdoor space really come alive at night in any season. For dining and conversation areas, add candlelight or dimmable electric lamps.

If you are hosting a party, festoon lights are the perfect way to create a festive feel. You can even try placing lighting under a bench seat for subtle illumination. Install brighter lighting over the grill and work areas, downlights on steps, and small lanterns or low-voltage lights around garden beds to add a special touch.

Fire Up an Outdoor Kitchen

Backyard cooking shouldn’t be restricted to summertime. You can still grill and eat outdoors from spring through fall. Add a grill, smoker, or dutch oven and start preparing tummy-warming comfort foods. 

To enhance your outdoor cooking experience and make meal preparation easier, add a side burner and a countertop with closed storage. You’ll also need at least one long table at which to serve outdoor meals. A sink will make cleanup even easier.

Create Spots for Lounging

In addition to your dining area, create a spot for relaxing. A hammock strung up between two deck posts or trees can provide a snug spot for sunbathing, napping, or reading a book. To encourage gatherings, you’ll also want to purchase outdoor furniture. Get pieces that are low maintenance, don’t fade in the sun, and resist water.

For more comfort, bring out some fluffy pillows, throws, and blankets. They’ll give the space a cozier feel and create a good atmosphere for relaxing, cuddling around the fire, and gazing at the stars. When the conditions are really bad, and the furniture is in an exposed spot, protect it using weatherproof covers. 

Add a Shade and Screen

If you have a cover above your deck, patio, or gazebo, everyone will feel more comfortable staying outside when it gets chilly. In the hotter months, the cover will block the harsh rays and keep you cool, meaning you’ll spend more time outdoors. You can use patio umbrellas, retractable awnings or build a roof over your outdoor structure.

Screens, too, are important if you want to enjoy your outdoor living space year-round. Incorporating outdoor enclosures, roller shades, curtains, or a row of evergreens will keep the chill away, add privacy and even lock out the pestering bugs.

Design a Natural-Like Feature

Exposure to nature makes us feel better and contributes to our physical well-being. Things like colorful vegetation, scented flowers, and the soothing sound of trickling water can help us spend more time outside regardless of the season. 

Build a simple fountain or waterfall to serve as the focal point of your yard. The sight and sound of flowing water in your backyard paradise will enhance relaxation and persuade you to stay outdoors longer. Growing seasonal flowers, herbs, and vegetables in containers on your deck will also help you come outside more often to garden and admire your work.

Turn Your Backyard into an All-Season Outdoor Oasis

Just because it’s a bit chilly outside doesn’t mean you and your family have to be confined indoors. With a bit of planning and brilliant styling, you can transform an ordinary backyard into an outdoor paradise to enjoy all year long. To foster an inviting atmosphere, combine outdoor furniture, lighting, landscaping, and other elements that match your style and needs. 

And if you need help creating an all-season outdoor living space, talk to us, and we will help you find an expert who will bring your vision for your backyard to life.