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7 Money Friendly Tips to Update Your Bathroom

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Buying & Selling
7 Money Friendly Tips to Update Your Bathroom

A bathroom remodel costs an estimated $10,000-$30,000, making it one of the most expensive home projects you can undertake. Thankfully, there are other affordable ways to update your bathroom without renovating it. 

Adopt the following inexpensive makeover ideas to revive your tired bathroom. Learn how to update fixtures, spruce up your walls, and add decorative features to get astonishing before-and-after results within a weekend.

Swap Out Your Old Fixtures

Don’t underestimate how well shiny new hardware can transform a dull space. Replacing your bathroom’s faucets, shower head, drawer pulls, handles, and towel racks can dramatically change the look and feel of your bathroom.

Other pieces to swap out include shower hooks, toilet paper holder, mirror frame, toilet flushing lever, shower handle, and tub stopper. When making changes, ensure the new hardware complements the style you want.

Cover Up the Fixtures

If you aren’t in a position to overhaul your old shower hardware, there’s another clever way to breathe new life into your fixtures—spray painting. Prepare the faucet by sanding it down with steel wool, clean the dust, tape it carefully, lay a drop cloth, apply two coats of primer to ensure the paint holds up. 

When it dries, apply two or three layers of oil-based spray paint. Make sure the paint matches the material you’re working on. For better results, follow up with a layer of high gloss lacquer. Remember to give each coat ample time to dry before applying a new layer.

Improve Lighting

See your bathroom in a new light by swapping out your old light bulbs for something that’s modern and glamorous, like a moisture-rated chandelier. While ceiling lights are essential for overall room illumination, they’re not always the best for self-reflection. 

Install some task lighting on either side of your sink mirror or a long light fixture on the wall above the mirror. Adding more mirrors will also help amplify the light and create an illusion of more space. 

Freshen Up the Walls With a Lick of Paint

Adding a new coat of paint is a simple, cost-effective way to revive a boring bathroom. A high-gloss coat will make the space feel elegant, help the light bounce around, and protect the walls from mold and dampness.

Choose hues that complement the features you’re retaining, such as cabinets, tiles, and flooring. Neutral shades of white, ivory, taupe, or cream are always the best bet. You can do the paint job yourself since the area is smaller, and the bulk of wall space is taken up by mirrors, tile, cabinets, sinks, and tubs. 

Smarten Up Your Bathroom Accessories

A few new bathroom accessories can make an old bathroom look glam and feel more functional. To transform the bathroom into your own personal haven, place some collected treasures or a house plant onto a shelf or display framed prints.

Don’t stop there. Inject some character into the room with contrasting towels and bathmats, a smart toothbrush holder, and classy toiletries storage baskets. Add some color, pattern, and texture with a patterned shower curtain.

Update the Look of Your Tiles

Tiling the entire bathroom is expensive. But there’re other ways to update dull bathroom tiles without replacing them. The first option is to give the tiles and grout a thorough clean-up. Whether the grout is stained with spills, soap scum, mildew, or grime, you can get it sparkling with vinegar, baking soda, or oxygen bleach.

If your grout is permanently stained or even damaged, consider replacing it. Try a color that contrasts with your wall tiles and is easier to keep clean. Another brilliant idea is to use bathroom wallpaper over existing tiles to add stunning pops of color.

Install Some Open Shelving

Adding new storage solutions in your bathroom can have a powerful effect. It can make the vanity look less crowded, while introducing a gorgeous new look into the space. Determine the sizing and spacing of your shelves depending on the available area and what you think will look best. 

Next, decide where to install the shelves and mark the area. Finally, anchor the shelves to a wall stud using brackets. Now, you can place baskets on the open shelves to create a charming look, while still hiding items in plain sight.

Refreshing Your Bathroom Doesn’t Have to be Costly

You don’t need to do a total overhaul to make your bathroom feel stylish and functional. There are many economical ways to give your bathroom a fabulous facelift. With our simple decor ideas, you can transform the space in just a few days and with minimum resources. 

The most impactful ideas include updating old fixtures, painting the walls, swapping the lights, adding some interesting accessories, freshening the tiles, and installing open shelves. If you need professional advice or help to improve your indoor spaces, feel free to reach out to us!