Move into a healthy home

You’ve invested a lot in your new home. We’ll make sure it’s in tip-top shape.

Why inherit defects, when you don’t have to?

If defects are found during the home inspection, we’ve made it super simple to eliminate them before or after you take ownership.

Get a free estimate (in hours)

Send us the inspection report and we’ll send accurate pricing to your inbox.

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Negotiate with ease

Your estimate is an online shopping cart — easily remove repairs you don’t want to negotiate, then share with the sellers.

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Get quality repairs

Our licensed trades are available on short notice and provide top-quality repairs, backed by our one-year warranty.

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A smooth experience for all

We’ll make sure the entire process runs like a well-oiled machine — sorting the agreed repairs on time, at the best value, and to the highest standard. This is our promise.

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Fewer financial hurdles

When repairs are completed before you take ownership, the sellers don’t need to pay until closing.

There’s even a one-year warranty

Your repairs are backed by our quality guarantee — for a whole year, in fact. Although we don’t expect any issues, we’ll sort them out if needed, with no questions asked.

"This is an excellent service and the staff were very professional! I highly recommend it. They made my inspection repair process super easy."

Anne Marie Gary, Homeowner